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Lei Feng on Rainy days

March 5, 2012

People are cutting hair for free to emulate "Lei Feng", a supposed upright soldier (who burned to death)

Sadly, I could not copy over the Weibo special Lei Feng gif.
Yesterday was a commemoration day for Lei Feng, a soldier in the PLA army (1940-1962); after his death, the CCP called on people to learn from him or “向雷锋同志学习”. Unfortunately, it seems that at least some of the numerous good deeds that Lei Feng supposedly did were fabricated. Nevertheless, I saw many PLA soldiers and a red banner signifying free haircuts (all in the purpose of emulating Lei Feng, of course).

The countdown for the Nanjing Youth Olympics has begun! (Btw, it is also rainy in Nanjing)

It has been as rainy as Yale weather and thankfully I brought my rainboots- Nanjing is preparing for another big event in China that will be globally visible- the Youth Olympics in 2014. Apparently several bridges will be demolished and an entire highway will be rebuilt. I am sure that more measures to improve society will be revealed soon.

The influx of foreign firms into China- Korea's largest bakery chain (with over 3000 stores in Korea), honestly not very Parisian but it seems to have higher standards for baked goods than other places, better than Skyways

Finally, I am so happy that Paris Baguette opened on 2/29…I like to eat pastries and somehow the Chinese bakeries don’t get it quite right. I’ve spent a good amount of money here so far (though for a free mug). I know that behind its cute blue exterior lies a moneymaking machine. Will be budgeting!

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