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Robbed in front of the HNC center, IPhone taken from me, found approximate location through MobileMe

October 31, 2011

I had the most horrible experience in Nanjing last night. I was on my way to the gym, around 6 pm, listening to my Iphone on the main street in front of the HNC center. Suddenly, the music stopped. I thought for a moment that I had dropped the phone or something, because my earphones were still there. I saw the shadows of some people dart into a small side street in front of me.
I called the police, and my friends at the center were extremely helpful. We made a report and there seemed to be no clue as to what had happened. Then, something quite dramatic happened- I was able to locate my Iphone using MobileMe (like Google Maps). It was near the Nanjing train station, near the train tracks! The Nanjing police were actually quite awesome- this was 11 pm, and they took me to the place and we searched the area. The place was behind a grand hotel’s parking lot. There were several warehouses, as well as shacks for living. It was ramshackle for sure and quite scary. We found a guy laying low in a truck, but there wasn’t enough evidence to search him or his truck. There was no way to go from door to door to find my phone, but at least there is a start. The police believed it was “Xinjiang Ren” – who tend to live in that area. I will update on my experiences- at least psychologically, it felt good to know where my Iphone was stolen to, and for me to go on the scene was gratifying to say the least. I am actually quite grateful that the Nanjing police acted so quickly on this- and that one of my Chinese classmates (not my roommate though) accompanied me all the way there and back so late at night.

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