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Post-National Day week

October 13, 2011

Hi everyone!
Sorry, I have not updated for a week- it was National Day Holiday, but in reality, I was taking a difficult standardized test in a different region entirely. Those of you who know me will know what I mean…it was much longer than I expected and my flight to the test center was one of the worst nightmares ever:
1. Everyone had already boarded the 8 AM flight, when we received a notice that we had to all disembark, because one passenger left his luggage on and then did not get on the plane- a potential terrorist threat.
2. Three hours later, our plane was getting ready to land when suddenly it pulled back up. Then, the intercom crackled and the pilot said something like: “Apologies, because we cannot connect to the landing terminal due to the Typhoon (Nesat?) we have to fly to a different airport”.
3. An hour or so later we landed in a different airport far far away from my destination. The flight attendants had no idea if we were going to launch again, and so passengers started getting antsy, including me (air sick too). Then, some people decided to take a three and a half hour bus to a place nearer to my destination. But…my luggage was still on the plane. Because most people had gotten on the plane (but a few people still remained), they had to pick out the luggage of everyone who left.
4. Yet another hour later, my luggage arrived. I finally got on the bus…three and a half hours later, we arrived near the border. I still had to take a taxi to the actual border entry place though. Unfortunately, it was raining heavily and I had no umbrella. So…soaked and cold, I walked around with my luggage until I finally saw a taxi. Going through the border was relatively easy.
But, I also had no currency in that denomination. Luckily, I found some money changers and exchanged for a bit of cash to get onto the subway to my hotel. Along the way, I must have hallucinated because some guy who looked like a Korean pop star (Rain) came up and asked me for directions in Chinese (he didn’t understand my English though…so it probably wasn’t him).
5. After 13-14 hours of traveling, I finally made it to my awesome room overlooking the harbor. It was a very difficult day.

Luckily, I was not taking the test until a few days afterwards. But that was definitely one flight to remember.

Also…for the life of me I cannot figure out how to add photos to this blog! I hope they are coming up! Due to the National Day holiday, there are strange toys selling on the streets- specifically ones of moving toy soldiers with a Chinese flag and miniature gun firing and crawling on their belly. It is quite scary.

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